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Wednesday, March 19, 2008





•6:16 AM•

Monday, March 17, 2008
there she goes.

i should stop watching three movies in one night. step up 2, across the universe and now 27 dresses. as i'm typing this, 10000 b.c is streaming on the other window and i'm hoping to see ziggy marley's perky ass like how i saw ronaldiho's in apocalypto. specks of unhealthy radiation must now be attacking my blood vessels, my head is getting a little bit heavy. maybe i need some sleep. maybe later. god i'm starting to feel the pang already. thursday, please come soon. i need someone to hug. i have dry chapped lips and no amount of lipsmackers is able to help me change that. i hate dabbing stuff on my lips. i'm excited to meet wan for coffee after school tomorrow. he should be able to help me finish the last few rolls on my holga, prolly get them developed tomorrow as well and wish me luck for my second batch! if it turns out okay, i'll reward myself with more slides. cross fingers. top on my list - to get a usb charger for my ipod. carmine's been dead for six days now. and i can't wait to check out that vcd place at simlim. le papillon, la bamba, ensemble c’est tout, anything that makes you happy honey. i fucking miss you.

there she goes a little heartache says:
there she goes a little heartache says:
but things are gonna be so awkward
what telah happen says:
how so
what telah happen says:
what telah happen says:
not if you don't forget about it
there she goes a little heartache says:
i always think about it
there she goes a little heartache says:
but i know it's not worth it
what telah happen says:
you're not alone
there she goes a little heartache says:
so where do we start?
what telah happen says:
hi my name is nysa
there she goes a little heartache says:


•1:40 AM•

Saturday, March 15, 2008
we need a catalyst.

should i move to lj?! wah lj cut and screen comment system.. sounds like a boatload of fun seh. i can dump all my pictures into one entry without feeling guilty of jamming up my readers' computer (well that's what they always tell me) lah like that. can also lock entries. (yay can bitch bitch bitch and bitch some more!) joo was telling me over a cup of mayo this afternoon that lj was better than blogger and you'd be surprised to see how much more lj friends you have over there than the blogger ones now. you wouldn't guess who i bumped into while i was on the bus to yishun today. shakes head. barfs all over her face. peels that disgusting mole off her cheek and stuff it up her nose. rolls eyes at her ugly brown bag. ah you no need to know lah kay. wait you also wanna barf. anyway, what was i doing in yishun again? oh nothing lah i was just bored to the bone. boredom of all king of boredoms. never felt any boredom as overwhelming as that. i actually took a second shower for the day, got dressed, put on my make up and just stared into the mirror and wonder to myself where the fuck was i headed out to anyway. i didn't make any plans, nope. nobody called to make plans with me either. sha was playing mind games, one minute she texted me saying there was something urgent and the next minute she just ignored my calls for like the millionth time. so i assumed she wasn't interested to meet me anyway. one hopeless neighbor, that one. so i randomly dialed every number on my phone just to see what it was like asking someone out. (haven't been doing that for the longest time now haha!) dy was in jakarta, pard in bangkok.. why is everybody out of town?! the rest of the tots' prepaid value was low, nothing new there. joo finally saved my life and invited me over to the other side. it's always greener on the other side, i fink. afiq called for awhile yay but ok lets not talk about that first. joo was sick and i believed her. the weather was so hot today i could fry eggs on my head as i walk around for the polyclinic over there. yishun people cannot trust one, they always give me wrong directions so most of the time, i got lost. nothing new there also.

it was so nice to just sit and eat chicken and talk to your girlfriend about anything and everything. in other words, catch up. shit joo i kinda miss you! and the rest of the tots too! then she told me something about bib which almost made my jaw drop to the ground. GASP..!! BIB BIB HOORAY! nyahahaha. then her friend nat came and just in time, fee d called to ask if i'd like to drop by town for the night. ahh nothing could've sounded more brilliant than that so i said yes and went over to somerset to meet him. he has more hair now! and his bike has a new pair of tires.. he sped around the bent again, something i truly detest about him while on the road. but i must've said something annoying before that anyway. walked down to borders and i bought chronicles of diana for my aunt. thirty dollars for a nice pink cover. worth it! had nowhere else to go so the both of us just sat down on the carpets and lauged ourselves silly with ns comic books. what a great way to help me think about afiq eh. thank you fee. we had dinner at swensens, don't think i'm going to dine there anymore, the menu is getting really sucky. asian delights my ass la who the hell goes to swensens to eat mee goreng sia. but one girl ordered chicken rice and we couldn't stop laughing at her. hahaha! after seven years, i finally found out something bizarre about my dear friend right here. wow this one won the best kept secret, hands down. better than bib's, i must say.

life.. full of secrets eh.

two days and i turn out quite okay. except for the random pangs i get at night where i suddenly pick up my phone and impatiently start dialing afiq's number only to realise that he's not gonna pick up anyway. i'm glad he's sleeping well right now.

i miss you, terribly..

•4:37 AM•

Thursday, March 13, 2008
shine on you crazy diamond.

afiq's twenty first birthday surprise cum ns farewell dinner at marche last night was a success! it wasn't easy planning this whole thing what's with my trip to hongkong and trying to keep in touch and update the boys. afiq was always this close to finding out, i had to keep deleting all the text messages and screening calls on my phone. boys suck at birthdays. BUT. but relek lu... you guys are wonderful la! i was as surprised to see your scrapbook pages are better-looking than mine. nabeh! i guess all that rushing and worrying and keeping discreet contact truly paid off. while the boys go get the cake, i was busy trying to act all clueless and asked afiq if he might like to ask them along to town with us. so naturally, they said no. afiq sad... haha! it was raining dinosaurs yesterday. walked around town and had lunch. my bangs were getting in the way so i pestered afiq for a haircut. since he was already at the saloon he decided to go bald there and then. oh the horror! all that hair is now gone! well you know how he is with his hair. but hey guys meet my new boyfriend... all he needs now is a bomber jacket and steel-toe boots.

still recovering from the shock and giving his birthday speech..


yus paling tak bole sabar...



same hair, different day..

a message from his favourite woman, heidi klum.

from yours truly. cute right... nyahahaha!

from shari aka shrek aka shag.

zatasy's boykake page. kurang asam!

most creative award goes to sammy boy.. the letter g is detachable. letters q and k can be found in that small little brown envelope. afig/afik/afiq.. you decide. haha!

fadhly the bodybuilder..

heiqal and wrong alignment by default.

captain farn and the cats. no he won't dump me for you. dream on!

most cutesy award goes to sharifa... 'you will always be someone i look up to. literally.'
nice one.

from shaz the toddler.

last but not least and with lots of gay love... bal.

i would like to thank bal, sammy boy, farn, fad, zatasy, hawa, shaz, sharifah, farah, yuse, ahmad, shag, heiqal and alep for that brilliant hard cover he created. thanks for coming down and making this surprise possible.. i could have never done this without you guys. thank you for getting afiq all gay and teary-eyed last night.

and happy 21st honey, hope you had the time of your life.

•9:21 PM•

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
tung choi street.

hello! i'm back! on the plane i sat next to a beautiful british woman who smelled like fresh roses. she had flawless never-ending legs, with a superfluous accent. she was yakking away about the weather in singapore before her friend came and i realised i had taken her seat by mistake. she was very pretty too, only a tad too blonde. flushed, i got up and asked the stewardess for my seat. my head was still dizzy from all that alcohol the night before. when i came to the airport that morning to check my bags in, two flights were already full. but my mom insisted i stayed on just incase there were any available seats. i was so tired i didn't sleep when i reached home. i would never wake up if i did. my dad was there to company me but it was just so weird.. he didn't even speak a word to me over breakfast. i wished someone else was there to send me off. his silence was deafening so right after the next full flight, i told him i could hang around the airport by myself and made him leave. went to macs and charged my phone while i hogged on the computer all morning. the lady next to me was so annoying, she kept screaming at little kids to stop looking. she introduced me to this e-card site and told me that it was the best damn thing on the world wide web. like who the hell sends e-cards anymore? pfft. i should seriously stop talking to strangers lah like this.

hongkong was super! except the fact that i missed causeway bay on the first day and the flea markets that i went to weren't as cheap as i had expected them to be. my mom likes to stuff everything into one bag and make me carry it for her all day. my back hurts like fuck and one time i almost felt like a bone is dislocating in there. we stopped by china on the second day where my mom tricked me into going. it was boring and all i did was carry her bags and wait for her to finish shopping. argh. loud-talking chinese people. i wonder if those people are really partially-deaf. thank god they had this metal washing basins at every station for them to spit in. ewwness! i would definitely go back to hongkong if i have a chance. love the weather. and i want to go to causeway bay lah!!

x-processed using sensia 100. the films are cheap over there but they didn't have any provia or agfa. boo! i don't really like this batch. the thing about using manual cameras, i always always always screw up the first roll. and they happen to contain the more beautiful ones. damn it! anyhow, i shopped like crazy too actually. hehee. next stop - hokkaido, japan!

•12:41 AM•